About Us

The Garden Club of Wiscasset is dedicated to expanding the gardening knowledge and community interests of its members. We meet monthly to share our love of gardening and to encourage and support each other as gardeners of all levels—from novice to expert. We form lasting friendships as we share gardening stories and expertise, listen to fascinating speakers, and visit over tea and delectables at our legendary hospitality table.

Members work in teams on community projects, creating and maintaining areas for public enjoyment—such as the Wiscasset Sunken Garden and gardens at the historic Public Library and the Nickels-Sortwell House, along with the gardens at the Pownalborough Courthouse in Dresden and the Cancer Center Serenity Garden we founded in nearby Bath.

Throughout the year, members enjoy providing arrangements for the Wiscasset Public Library Front Desk. In late April, we get together to fill the downtown hanging baskets with gorgeous trailing pink petunias and the planters on the new downtown sidewalks with bright pink and white summer annuals. May is high energy time, with members contributing and organizing hundreds of perennials for the highly popular Garden Club Plant Sale at the Town Hall on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. All summer, members care for several community gardens in the Wiscasset area, as well as grow and sell fresh flowers downtown on street corners for strollers and shoppers at Wiscasset Art Walks. In October, members vie with other organizations decorating scarecrows for display at Scarecrowfest downtown—and often win! In November, members join the Appearance of the Town Committee for the Wiscasset Hanging of the Greens on Main Street—tying lights and red bows on wreaths and garlands, then hanging them on lampposts and between bollards, creating an exuberance of holiday cheer for shoppers and visitors alike. In December, Club members make dozens of holiday arrangements in baskets and mugs and carry them to Library rooms, town offices, Meals on Wheels, and nursing homes.

The club invests in our future through working with youth, providing an annual scholarship for a local high school senior pursuing a career in environmental studies, and a campership opportunity for a middle schooler interested in the environment and conservation. Club members are in partnership with the elementary school and Morris Farm to offer hands-on learning experiences in gardening and conservation. And, the club maintains the Children’s Garden at the Library, featuring native plants that attract bees and butterflies and a program that introduces pollinators to foster interest among young naturalists.

Through all of its many activities and outreach, one of the most important things members of The Garden Club of Wiscasset do is keep up with each other—catching up at meetings, helping design and weed each other’s gardens, working together to maintain our public gardens - all nurturing the bond of friendship. We are more than a gathering of gardeners—our club is a true force of nature. Love for what we do as gardeners not only yields great accomplishments but also generates great pride in our community—and in ourselves … because, most of all, we are gardeners who care.

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