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About GCW

Gardening Tools

The Garden Club of Wiscasset welcomes a diverse membership of horticulturalists, weekend gardeners, environmentalists, herbalists, homesteaders, and aspiring green thumbs whose experience and skill levels range from novices to seasoned master-gardeners.  That is to say - there's a place for you here!

Our guest speaker Events are open to the public and designed to foster learning on a wide range of topics relating to gardening and conservation.  Meetings are held at the First Congregational Church in Wiscasset on the first Thursday of each month, from September to May.  With a modest annual fee of just $25, you'll find endless opportunities to grow and give back.  Please explore our community involvement pages to learn more about the various community betterment activities we engage in.


Members are encouraged to participate in community improvement activities, such as the stewardship of local public gardens, creating and selling bouquets at Wiscasset ArtWalk, and winter seasonal decorating in our historic village, among others.  Our famed Plant Sale is an annual highlight, uniting members in a lively fundraiser. 


As we are dedicated to fostering a greener future, the proceeds of our fundraising activities are put to good use, funding scholarships, and youth education projects.  If you wish to support our organization focused on nurturing a legacy of environmental stewardship and community spirit in Wiscasset, consider joining us. If you're unable to join but wish to support our works, please consider other ways of contributing.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen and inspire our community with beautiful gardens and restorative public spaces.  We serve Wiscasset and the surrounding area through gardening projects, programs, education, and scholarships—fostering deep friendships through working together.  

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Our Vision

We cultivate a vibrant community through a shared passion for gardening, education, and environmental stewardship.  In so doing, we hope that the ripples of today's efforts bring about impacts as enduring as the gardens we tend to. 


To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow 

~ Audrey Hepburn

Gardening 101

Learning about gardening never stops.  Being part of the Garden Club of Wiscasset is an adventure in expanding gardening know-how, whether you are a weekend dabbler or a talented landscaper.  Member expertise in the Club falls along the entire continuum from novice to Master Gardener.  We value learning from each other as well as from experts on everything from promoting native plants to propagating lilies, from the benefits of bats to the preservation of bees and butterflies.  By bringing in knowledgeable speakers from around the state, we continue to learn how to preserve and protect the environment, to garden for all seasons, to incorporate native plants into our gardens, and to provide barriers to prevent erosion and pollution of our streams and rivers. 

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