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Resource Library

Gardening Resources

UMaine Cooperative Extension: Gardening & Horticulture

This resource provides a wealth of information on home gardening, pest management, and soil health. It offers educational programs, workshops, and publications tailored to Maine's growing conditions.

UMaine Cooperative Extension: Publications

This site offers a comprehensive collection of publications on gardening, horticulture, and conservation. Topics include vegetable gardening, soil management, and pest control, all specific to Maine.

NPR Gardening Zones Interactive Map

"The USDA’s gardening zones shifted.  This map shows you what’s changed in vivid detail."

Missouri Botanical Garden:  Plant Finder

This comprehensive plant database allows gardeners to search for plants by various criteria including name, type, and characteristics. It provides detailed information on thousands of plants, including those that can thrive in Maine's climate.

Live On What You Grow: Making and Innoculating BioChar

Video Explaining how to make and innoculate BioChar.

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA)

MOFGA supports organic agriculture and gardening in Maine. Their website includes resources on organic gardening practices, pest management, and sustainable landscaping. They also offer workshops and events.

Maine Landscape and Nursery Association (MELNA)

MELNA offers resources for professional and amateur gardeners, including information on local nurseries, landscaping tips, and horticultural events. Their site also features a plant search tool specific to Maine's climate.

Conservation Resources

Maine Audubon

Maine Audubon focuses on wildlife conservation and habitat protection. Their website offers resources on native plant gardening, creating wildlife-friendly habitats, and conservation programs.

Maine Natural Areas Program

This program provides detailed information on Maine's native plant species, conservation practices, and invasive species management. It's an excellent resource for conservationists and those interested in preserving Maine's natural habitats.

Maine Forest Service

The Maine Forest Service provides resources on forest health, tree care, and pest management. Their site includes guides on tree identification and forest conservation practices.

Medicinal Plant Resources

United Plant Savers: Native Medicinal Plant Conservation

This organization focuses on the conservation of native medicinal plants. Their website offers resources on growing and preserving medicinal plants native to North America, including Maine.

Richo’s Blog: Growing Medicinal Herbs

Maintained by Richo Cech of Strictly Medicinal Seeds, this blog provides practical advice on growing medicinal herbs. It includes step-by-step guides, planting tips, and information on the medicinal uses of various herbs.

Apps for Gardeners and Conservationists


PlantSnap is an app that helps users identify plants using their smartphone camera. It's a valuable tool for gardeners and conservationists to quickly identify plant species in Maine's diverse ecosystems.

Garden Answers Plant Identification

This app allows users to identify plants and provides detailed information about them, including medicinal uses. It's a handy tool for identifying and learning about medicinal plants in your garden.


iNaturalist is a community-driven app where users can share observations of plants and wildlife. It helps gardeners and conservationists track species and contribute to citizen science projects in Maine.


GrowIt! connects gardeners with a community where they can share photos, ask questions, and get gardening advice. The app also features plant recommendations and care tips based on your location.


HerbList is an app from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health that provides scientific information on the safety and effectiveness of herbal products. It's useful for gardeners looking to understand the medicinal properties of the herbs they grow.

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